Goa is like a dream destination for all the fun and activities that we want to do in our life. The name of the Goa is always on our tongue and ready to slip out whenever we decide where to go for this vacation and for Masti and all the fun. Goa is quite, well not quite, it is drastically popular in all over the world for its active fun activities. Every millennium wishes to be in Goa for New Year celebration or any Chingu’s birthday party. We kinda adore Goa for what it is. Okay, enough praising of Goa. Now time to get some facts about Goa and places where you can head to have fun.

Goa the crush of youngsters is surrounded by Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and south. It is India’s smallest state by area and has the coastline of 101 km. Goa is all about water and water activities. Its tourism is mainly focused on the coastal area. Goa is connected to major cities so transportation is not a problem at all. Now time to discover where you can head up to sightseeing and fun activities in Goa.


Beaches are the main attraction of Goa other than Goan culture and architecture. Beach is the main attraction and tourist magnet of Goa. It has a number of famous beaches which are very popular and provides you with a stunning view of the ocean under the sun. So let's discover some of the amazing beaches of GO GO GOA.


This beach is located in the north of Panaji, Goa. This beach is very calm and peaceful and attracts lots of attention from the tourist. The main activity here is, of course, water activity, you name it and it has it. From jet skiing to scuba diving all the adventures and fun activity can be done here. White sand and scrub-covered dunes make this beach quite serene and majestic. The other major attraction of this beach is the ship river princess which has been stuck at this beach and become quite famous among the tourists.


Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna village in Goa is very famous for its hippie lifestyle and its beach is famous for trance parties. Yes, Anjuna beach is another famous place which you should visit at day or night time doesn’t matter this place is always full of life and music. This beach is just adjacent to very famous Chapora fort. Water activities are also organised here like windsurfing which you can enjoy here. Sunbathing or shopping this place is like seal the deal no need to wander. 

Chapora Beach 

Beaches and beaches as you head over the coastline of goa you will be welcomed by the number of beaches and you will have a very hard time to choose which beach to visit and which do not. Chapora beach is in north goa and it is close to Chapora fort, an Old Portuguese fort. Chapora beach has black rocks which enhance its beauty and it's surrounded by tall disciplined coconut trees which only adds another point to its charisma. 

Varca Beach 

It is known for soft snow like sand and neatness. A person who wants to have just "ME" time can head over here. Like every beach, this beach also has a number of shacks where you can have the fun of Goan cuisine and taste their authenticity. Here you can go for the boat ride or can watch the dolphins playing in just a beautiful silence. Here, you can hear the sound of the sea wave and get mesmerized by the waves. 

Colva Beach 

This beach is the perfect definition of the oldest and largest beach in Goa. This beach lies about 6kms to the west of Margao, Goa. Stretched from north to south this place is lined up by beautiful coconut trees and covered up by the fine white sand. The other main attraction of this already attractive beach is the "Menino Jesus” statue at the local church. This place is also famous for the perfect night spots for parties.

Dona Paula 

Dona Paula is just 7 km away from Panjim. Dona Paula beach got its name from the daughter of the viceroy. This place is famous for the tragedy related to Dona Paula. This place offers you a large number of water sports activity like motorboat riding, kayaking, water-skiing and much more.

After, lots of sea surfing now let’s dive into the history and other major attraction of goa, the crush of youngsters.


Aguada fort is located on the Sinquerium beach, north Goa. This fort is built by the Portuguese as a defence from the Dutch and Maratha invaders. Along with the fort the lighthouse and the barracks have also become a tourist attraction in Goa. This place is a tourist magnet after the beaches in Goa. One should visit this place to know about the rich history of Goa.

Dudh Sagar falls 

Dudh mean milk and Sagar mean sea, so as the name and decoding suggest this place means sea of milk. Why is it so, well you will know by visiting this place. The best time to visit this place is rainy season then you will get the perfect view of this waterfall and understand the meaning of this fall. This waterfall is located on Mandovi River. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Goa.

Chapora Fort

This place is as famous as its beach. This fort is also the part of the many famous movies. This place has a lot of admirers and it is one of the major attractions of Goa. This fort provides you with the breathtaking view of coastline and surrounding. This place is perfect for those who want to sit for a minute in a calm and quiet place.


Mangeshi Temple 

Goa has a very rich history and Portuguese influence, despite this heavy European influence you can see very beautiful and grand temple in Goa. The Mangesh temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is more than 400 years old. The main point of interest of this temple is seven-story Deepstambha and Nandi bull inside the temple. Mangeshi temple is also the largest temple of goa.  


Churches in Goa represent full Portuguese influence and spirituality. In Goa, there are very famous churches and some are very old. Let's find out some of the famous churches of goa which you can visit and pray.

Bom Jesus Basilica 

This place is one of the UNESCO heritage sites. Situated in old goa road this church still host the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. You can attend the mass here on Sunday and enjoy the elegant style of this church.

Se Cathedral

This church enjoys the title of the largest church in India and the most famous church of Goa. It was built to celebrate the victory of Portuguese in India. Located in Vehla Goa you can enjoy the architecture of this magnificent church and dive in its aura. 


This church is a beautiful blend of Indian and European culture. This place displays the rich history of goa and its architecture. This place is must visit on your tour to goa.

Along these churches, other main churches of Goa are St. Alex Church, St Diogo's Church, Three Kings’ Chapel, Mae De Dues church and church of Our Lady of the Mount.

Churches, beaches, nightlife are nicknames of Goa. Goa gives you the belief that you can enjoy your life only here. Gather your friends and plan a small get together at Goa or plan a family vacation here. This place is suitable for everyone. Water activities make you familiar with water and a trip to various locations in Goa make you familiar with the lifestyle and culture of Goa. So without wasting any time just book your ticket, catch your flight and land in Goa. For more information please visit here.

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